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Lynn Rybak Lynn Rybak Faciliatator

ENetwork Mentor and Facilitator and a Development Specialist counseling Ignite Sessions for Start Up idea stage business and established business owners.

The E Network serves entrepreneurs at all stages of business, and business people within the community, who are looking to refine and master their networking skillsets and cultivate relationships.  The E Network group is led by our Business Development Specialist, Lynn Rybak.

You will gain incredible support from your group and knowledge from your facilitator/mentor as our very unique program offers training in business development and networking.

Meetings take place monthly for 10 months starting in September.  Your E Network Group trainer is specially trained to implement the most effective lessons and hands-on exercises in networking.

You will practice the skills of effective networking, discuss issues, refine your sales message and exchange leads.  The focus is on building your business and cultivating relationships.


1 year of access

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